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Get your PADI Rescue Diver Course on Phuket Island

One one of the most valuable and fun scuba diving courses from PADI is the Rescue Diver course.

The Rescue Diver course takes place over 2-3 days. The first day is normally done at Surin Beach as this makes the training more life-like than a swimming pool and gives more variety to the techniques learnt. Surin beach is only a 10 minute drive away from Kamala Beach and faces the sea in a slightly different direction than Kamala beach and therefore the sand is rougher. It gets deeper more quickly than Kamala Beach, quickly reaching a depth of 3-8 meters. This causes Surin Beach to have much clearer water and therefore good underwater visibility. All this makes Surin beach a perfect training “facility” for the PADI Rescue Diver course.

Rescue Diver Course PADI

Rescue Diver Course PADI

The Rescue Diver course starts with self-rescue techniques and then progresses on to assisting tired, panicking and unconscious divers on both the surface and under the water. Self-rescue techniques expand on those learnt in the PADI Water Course such as; treating cramp, out of air, self-inflating BCD and learning to deal with vertigo underwater.  After that we practice dealing with tired and panicking divers on the surface whilst ensuring that the rescuers safety is paramount.  Finally we learn how to rescue an unconscious diver, either floating on the surface or if at the bottom how to bring them safely to the surface and then give rescue breaths whilst getting them to a stable platform where CPR can start. This is done using a variety of techniques.

The second day brings everything together with a number of scenarios including searching for an unconscious diver under the water, bringing them to the surface and then breathing for them whilst getting them to safety as soon as possible.

A very rewarding and fun course, contact Merlin Divers for more information.

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