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New Wreck Dive near Phuket, Thailand

A Thai Navy Ship has just been sunk to create an exciting new wreck dive on the west coast of Phi Phi Island. The Phi Phi islands being one of the most popular diving spots around Phuket.

New Wreck Near Phuket

HTMS Kletkaew is an old Thai Navy ship.  It was built in 1948 for the Norwegian Royal Navy.   After eight years it was sold to and renamed by the Royal Thai Navy and used as a transport support vessel.

To assist in the sinking of the ship a number of large holes were cut in the ship, these will also allow qualified divers to enter and explore the interior of the ship.  It is a large wreck, 47 metres long and 382 tons.

HTMS Kletkaew was sunk on the 19th March 2014 just of the west coast of Phi Phi Ley.  This is close to the infamous Maya  Bay and the terrific dives sites of Turtle Rock and Palong Wall with their exciting marine life consisting of Turtles, Leopard Sharks and Blacktip sharks amongst many others types of fish. We are sure this will be an exciting wreck dive and will no doubt be full of marine life in the near future.  The best time for diving this wreck will be the “High Season” from November to May, but should still be diveable most days during the rest of the year.

To dive this new wreck contact Merlin Divers in Phuket:

  • Email us at:  [email protected]
  • Contact us by Phone: +66 76 385518+66 76 385518 (inside Thailand: 076 385518076 385518)


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