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The choice is yours, we got all the day trips to dive Phuket


For all level of scuba divers from beginner to advanced Phuket offers plenty of dive sites, schedules, options and a whole range of different dive boats. Merlin Divers offers almost all day trips available on Phuket and is doing its best to find suitable day tours for your diving needs while on holiday on Phuket.

Should you have problems to choose or put an itinerary together why not simply sent us an email and let us know when you plan to come, how many days of diving you planned to do and which dive sites you like to see. Accordingly we will get back to with all options for choosing the dive tours available.

Email us now:   [email protected]

Day Trips

Day Trips

Here a few good things about the day trips you should know:

All vessels are  customer-tailored dive boats, big and spacious with downstairs a dive deck on the back with a platform for easy entering and exiting the water and seated restaurant style area . Upstairs is a saloon style area and an open air seated part. On most dive boats have on the top a sun deck. All boats come with all the required and expected safety and communication equipment on board.

All tours offer breakfast and lunch on the boat with plenty of drinking water, coffee, tea and fruits all day long.

The things  we advise customers to bring along are: towel, sunglasses and sun creme. Of course you can bring a bag along with other items in it like phone, valet etc. On all boats you have a dry and safe area in the case it should start raining in sunny paradise Phuket.

Day Trips Phuket

Day Trips Phuket







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