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Scuba Diving Phuket June, July and August


In many place in the world a tourist destination has to do with a season and a off season – a period with visitors and a period with no visitors. Phuket however has surpassed this stage by now. All year round you find holiday makers on Phuket and they come from all over the world.

Phuket is one of the main destinations in South East Asia for scuba diving and luckily also the sea and weather conditions allow for all year round scuba diving. July and August often offers the same conditions like in the high season: perfect for scuba diving.

Scuba Diving Phuket July August

One of the most questions asked by people inquiring for their holiday on Phuket during the period from May till end of October is: Will the weather to be good enough for scuba diving? We read the weather might not be good…we read that Phuket during the months of June, July and August has monsoon rain..can we still plan some diving?

The only part of Thailand for diving that is off limit during the European summer months are the Similan islands. The national park is closed from the beginning of May till the end of October.

All other main destinations for scuba diving are all year round available – like Phi Phi islands, Racha Islands and the marine sanctuary with Shark Point Phuket, Anemone Reef, King Cruiser wreck and Koh Doc Mai.

One fact you need to know: Phuket is the province in Thailand where it rains the least of all provinces. It’s simply because the mountains are not high enough to stop the rain clouds.
However if you book a holiday during the month of June, July and August  to the east of Phuket like Krabi or to the north of Phuket like Khao Lak you might be in for some heavy rain and weather conditions and certainly far less diving days to get than on Phuket.

Phuket is the province in Thailand where it rains the least of all provinces in Thailand. Hence often in July and August especially we can have conditions like in the high season: calm sea, blue sky and perfect visibility under water – in other words perfect conditions for scuba diving on Phuket, Thailand.

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